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The CNMI Small Business Development Center Network delivers professional, high quality, individualized business advising and technical assistance to existing small businesses and pre-venture entrepreneurs.

CNMI SBDC Network hosts Training Opportunities for Aspiring Filmmakers and Social Media Content Creators

Myracle Mugol is a film producer from Guam who will be on island to facilitate workshops on content monetization for social media, and funding local film projects.

 Photo courtesy of Myracle Mugol

AT the two workshops she will conduct on Wednesday, Jan. 24 and Thursday, Jan. 25, Myracle Mugol, a Guam filmmaker and business advisor with the Pacific Islands Small Business Development Center Network, will help “demystify” social media monetization, and speak about grant opportunities available to film makers. 

Mugol is the special guest presenter of the CNMI Small Business Development Center Network, which is hosting her workshops at the American Memorial Park.

Mugol’s “Monetizing Content Creation” presentation takes place on Wednesday from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.  To register, go to

“Unleashing the Reel: Navigating Funding Opportunities for Independent Filmmakers” takes place on Thursday from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. To register, go to

Mugol, who is also a business advisor, has produced several films on Guam, and has helped organize the Guam International Film Festival. 

In an interview, Mugol said the Marianas has “an excess in culture and art” that local artists may  pursue to make money.

For Wednesday, Mugol said part of her presentation will be “technical,” meaning that she can help artists create a business plan or help them think about the different licenses they should be aware of as the move into monetized content creation.

Aside from the business aspects of digital content creation, Mugol will also discuss how to turn social media from something “scary” into a useful communication platform. 

Mugol will discuss how to define a target audience; how to define participants’ voices; and more. 

Joining her on Wednesday are local social media influencers PalmTrio670, who, she said, have been able to capture something “authentically Saipan” via social media.

 “They use [local] humor, culture, language and they’re not afraid to represent the people, which attracts the right people,” she said.

Mugol said PalmTrio670 will talk about, among other things, their experience as social media influencers.

On Thursday, Mugol’s presentation will focus on grant funds for local films. 

“Grants are one of the main ways to get funding in our area,” she said, adding that she’ll discuss her experiences applying for funds from Pacific Islanders in Communications, a non-profit media arts organization from Hawaii whose mission is to “support, advance, and develop Pacific Island media content and talent.” 

She’ll also share other funding resources, and how to tap them for projects. 


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